Tran$Link wants to impose a 0.5% sales tax across the Lower Mainland!

It will take about $250 million a year out of our pockets, that's $258 per household.

Do you have an extra $258 just lying around to give away each year to TransLink?

To Afford The TransLink Tax What Are You Willing To Give Up...

Swimming lessons for your kids?

A few dinners out with your spouse?

A trip to visit your grandchildren?

A day trip to Whistler?

Tickets to a Canucks game?

A couple weeks of groceries?

TransLink is an extremely wasteful organization

TransLink says that this tax is the only way to stop traffic from getting much worse.

But that’s not true, they could just stop wasting your money. For example...

Climb Aboard: TransLink doesn’t just have one board of directors, it has six – at a cost of $751,589 in annual salary. And after TransLink’s board chair promised executive pay would be frozen “at 2012 levels,” every single TransLink executive got paid more money in 2013.

Empty Edmonds: TransLink spends at least $1.12 million on an empty building. The SkyTrain union head calls the $60,000/month lease payment "outright waste" and a "poor financial decision."

Poodle On A Pole: Despite crying poor, TransLink kicked in more than $30,000 to put a 7-foot statue of a poodle on top of a 25-foot pole. The Main Street Poodle is nowhere near any major transit station, nor is the poodle symbolic of the neighbourhood.

$5 Gets You $20: TransLink took months to fix a glitch that saw its ticket vending machines treat new $5 bills like they were $20s. People would buy tickets and get more money back than they put in.

TV Time Out: TransLink spent $523,000 on 13 TV screens at various SkyTrain stations. A year later, a CTF inspection showed only 4 of 13 were working. TransLink refuted that claim, saying 6 of the 13 $40,000+ TVs worked – still less than half.

Not to mention, today's "TransLink Waste Of The Day" award winner:

Meet TransLink CEO Ian Jarvis The Face Of The Waste

And to top it all off...

Jarvis got an $83,000 bonus last year – that’s $12,000 more than the average household income in the Lower Mainland

Jarvis and his top TransLink executives get cushy car allowances adding up to about $100,000

They want a new tax? TransLink already takes so much

$258 for a TransLink sales tax – and that’s on top of what they already tax us:

17 cents per litre of gas from
the TransLink gas tax

5 cents per litre of gas from
the federal gas tax

21% parking tax

Property taxes that grow by 3% every year

$22.80 a year on your electricity bill

$4.30 toll for every trip across
the Golden Ears Bridge

If they saved only: 0.5%
of future revenue growth
TransLink and the Mayors could pay for their whole plan without raising your taxes a dime

TransLink, Metro Vancouver and Municipal revenues are going to grow by an average of 4.8% a year - they can fund the whole plan if they only grow at 4.3%. No programs need to be cut, spending just has to grow a little slower.

TransLink's wasteful plan won't cut congestion Their own numbers show it will only reduce car ownership by 1.5% in 2030

No Vote

Yes Vote

Is that worth giving TransLink another $258 more every year?

But wait it doesn't end there...

TransLink can’t guarantee this sales tax won’t increase to 1% or 2% in the future. You see, they have admitted they don’t actually know what the real numbers are:

In fact, they won’t even get an estimate for the two most expensive parts of the plan until four months AFTER the referendum has been held.

We can stop the tax hike Pledge to vote NO in the TransLink Tax Referendum this spring

11,527 folks have already pledged to vote NO

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