Just 30 Days Left to Get a Ballot, No TransLink Tax Campaign Reminds Voters

April 15, 2015

VANCOUVER, B.C.: The No TransLink Tax campaign reminds Lower Mainland residents that they have just one month left to request ballots in the TransLink plebiscite.

“Every vote is important – especially for the NO side, which doesn’t have $7 million in taxpayer money like the YES side is spending to badger voters into getting their ballots in,” said Jordan Bateman, No TransLink Tax spokesperson. “Don’t think someone else’s NO vote will be enough – get your ballot, mark it NO, and get it back to Elections BC. We can’t allow this vote to be bought by the TransLink Mayors with our money.”

Bateman noted that only 30 days remain for individuals who have not received their ballots, or misplaced them, to get one from Elections BC. Individuals can ask for a voting package at 1-800-661-8683 or www.elections.bc.ca/ovr before May 15. Voting can proceed until May 29, but new ballots won’t be issued after the 15th.

Elections BC mailed out ballots over two weeks from March 16 through March 27, putting 150,000 into the mail each day, starting with the largest city, Vancouver. This is why the early return numbers were more heavily skewed to Vancouver.

“It’s good to see turnout continuing to grow – and the first ballots being counted from all parts of our region,” said Bateman. “We encourage all NO voters to get their ballots in as soon as possible.”