TransLink Tax Defeated!

VANCOUVER, B.C.: Cash-strapped Lower Mainland taxpayers wanting accountability and better management at TransLink are the real winners in today’s historic defeat of the TransLink sales tax, says the No TransLink Tax campaign and Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF).

No TransLink Tax Campaign in Final Week

VANCOUVER, B.C.: With just 105 hours left in the TransLink tax plebiscite vote, the No TransLink Tax campaign today kicked off its final week of activities, with one final round of social media advertising and outreach to the No TransLink Tax supporters.

TransLink Mayors Spending $11 Per Vote

VANCOUVER, B.C.: The No TransLink Tax campaign released new calculations today showing the TransLink Mayors have spent $11.35 per vote cast in the TransLink tax plebiscite. That’s $11.29 more than the No TransLink Tax campaign has spent.

TransLink Hiding 2014 Executive Pay Until After Vote

VANCOUVER, B.C. – Voters deserve to know what taxpayers paid TransLink’s top seven executives last year before voting closes in the TransLink tax plebiscite, but TransLink has refused to release those numbers, says the No TransLink Tax campaign.