No TransLink Tax Campaign Calls for Election Rules Clarity

January 22, 2015

Still no plebiscite rules, less than eight weeks before voting begins

VANCOUVER, B.C.: With just 53 days left until voting begins, the No TransLink Tax campaign today called on the provincial government to set proper rules for the TransLink tax plebiscite.

As of this morning, there are still no rules on election spending, campaign donation disclosures, access to voters lists, information on what will be in the voting packages sent out, vote counting and security procedures, scrutineer rules, and other issues absolutely vital in the democratic process.

The No TransLink Tax campaign has been trying to get clarity from the provincial government on these rules. Campaign calls to Elections B.C. have been referred to the Ministry of Transportation. The Ministry referred the campaign to the Minister of Transportation’s Office. The Minister’s Office suggested the campaign call Elections B.C.

“Fewer than eight weeks to go, and no one seems to know what’s going on – even the most basic of election rules haven’t been announced,” said Jordan Bateman, No TransLink Tax campaign spokesperson. “Must everything related to TransLink be so poorly run?”

The No TransLink Tax campaign is calling on the Province to issue rules immediately, including forbidding taxpayer dollars from being used to campaign for either side. TransLink plans to spend $4 million to get a YES vote on the tax, and both Vancouver and Surrey councils have passed motions noting they will use taxpayer resources to campaign for the TransLink tax.

“We don’t pay taxes to fund campaigns, we pay them for public services. This is an embarrassing use of taxpayer dollars,” said Bateman. “We know the Minister of Transportation supports the pro-tax side, and it appears he is turning a blind eye to millions in taxpayer dollars being spent by TransLink, Vancouver, and Surrey to try and buy a yes vote on the TransLink tax. But he owes it to the people of the Lower Mainland to ensure the process is fair.”

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