No TransLink Tax Campaign Calls on Mayors to Play Fair

March 23, 2015
  • Launches sign campaign

VANCOUVER, B.C.: The No TransLink Tax campaign launched its lawn sign campaign across the Lower Mainland this weekend and is calling on the mayors of Metro Vancouver’s municipalities not to use municipal resources to take down NO signs.

Hundreds of NO signs were set up by volunteers all over the region this weekend. Unlike the YES campaign’s advertising, every one of these signs was paid for by money voluntarily donated. Already, the No TransLink Tax campaign has received reports from voters who set up their own signs in public places, only to see them removed.

“We are very proud of our sign campaign, and that it was funded by free-will donations and that every sign was put up by a volunteer,” said Jordan Bateman, spokesperson for the No TransLink Tax campaign. “But we are worried that the TransLink Mayors could be using municipal works crews to remove signs on public property. We call on all mayors to play fair – they are using millions in municipal resources and money to campaign for the YES side – don’t use those same resources to hinder the NO campaign.”

“Every voter – even the ones the TransLink Mayors disagree with – have a right to have their voice heard,” said Bateman. “TransLink and its supporters have used every advantage power and taxpayer money gives them to drown out the NO side, but everyday taxpayers are fed up with TransLink and high taxes and refuse to stay silent.”

The No TransLink Tax campaign is funded by voluntary donations and has a campaign budget of $40,000. The Yes campaign is being funded by TransLink and certain municipalities with public money to the tune of approximately $7 million – and still refuses to fully disclose its private donors.