No TransLink Tax Campaign in Final Week

May 25, 2015

VANCOUVER, B.C.: With just 105 hours left in the TransLink tax plebiscite vote, the No TransLink Tax campaign today kicked off its final week of activities, with one final round of social media advertising and outreach to the No TransLink Tax supporters.

“After a six-month campaign that started with the YES side up a dozen points in the polls, it’s exciting to be in the final days and to see how the No TransLink Tax campaign has seized the momentum,” said Jordan Bateman, No TransLink Tax spokesperson. “We’re not going to change our strategy here in the final days – we’re going to keep pounding away at TransLink’s wasteful record, the unfairness of this tax, and the other reasons hundreds of thousands of people are voting NO.”

All ballots must be received by Elections BC by May 29 – it’s not enough to have them postmarked by that date. For that reason, the No TransLink Tax campaign is recommending that all NO votes now be taken to one of Elections BC’s nine plebiscite offices to ensure the vote is counted:

  • Capilano Mall
  • Central City Mall
  • Chinatown Plaza
  • City Square Shopping Centre
  • Coquitlam Centre
  • Haney Place Mall
  • Lougheed Town Centre
  • Richmond Centre Mall
  • Willowbrook Shopping Centre

No TransLink Tax voters have stood up against the scare tactics of the YES side and are voting against the TransLink Mayors, who have spent $7 million in taxpayer money to defend an agency the public knows is wasteful and unaccountable,” said Bateman.