TransLink: A Mess Only a Paid Contractor Could Love

February 22, 2015
  • Hired hands claim TransLink is well-run

VANCOUVER: When it comes to TransLink, it seems like the people expressing the most confidence in it are on the TransLink payroll, the No TransLink Tax campaign noted today.

In the past few days, local media reported glowing comments about TransLink from two out-of-town validators: Jarrett Walker and Jeffrey Tumlin. Missing from those reports was a key fact: both have cashed big cheques from TransLink. 

Tumlin is the principal of Nelson Nygaard, a company that has been paid nearly $800,000 by TransLink in recent years:

Jarrett Walker & Associates lists TransLink as a client, and Walker’s LinkedIn notes he worked for TransLink for three years, including as an “in-house consultant.” Before that, he worked for Nelson Nygaard.

“TransLink seems to be the kind of organization that you have to get paid to love,” said Jordan Bateman, spokesperson for the No TransLink Tax campaign. “In this campaign, when you hear positive comments about TransLink and its leadership, it’s important to follow the money, as there may be a financial interest in seeing TransLink get more tax dollars.”