Why Langley should vote NO

March 29, 2015

A Letter to Langley Residents By Jordan Bateman

It’s finally time to vote! Please consider sharing this page with all of your family, friends and neighbours in Langley. We need to send a strong NO to TransLink!

The list of waste at TransLink is legendary and sickening. You can see dozens of examples HERE, but I wanted to talk to my neighbours in Langley about our local concerns.

As a Township Councillor from 2005-2011, I fought for better transit for Langley. But TransLink has wasted so much money on the backs of taxpayers that I cannot, in good conscience, support giving them a nickel more.

I can’t support sending 31 cents of every sales tax dollar paid by Langley folks to Gregor Robertson for his Arbutus subway, while we get virtually nothing.

The promised light rail wouldn’t get to Langley City until year 12 of the plan – likely the year 2028 – at the earliest. And that’s if you believe TransLink won’t cut the stations when their project inevitable runs late and over budget. Not to mention the fact that the light rail from Langley City to Whalley will do little for the 140,000 people who will live in the Township by then.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Ask Kim Richter and the families in Salmon River if TransLink gives good service. TransLink installed dozens of fancy new bus stops in rural Langley and then promptly cut the service – and the bus stop poles – six months later.

Ask Bruce Heslop and the business owners in Aldergrove if they can survive another competitive disadvantage with Abbotsford.

Ask Eric Woodward and the small businesses in Fort Langley if they’re worried about this tax sending more of their customers east or south.

Ask your neighbours working north of the Fraser if we can afford this new tax plus a third toll bridge – the Pattullo.

TransLink and its mayors are spending $7 million n taxpayer money trying to buy a yes vote. They’re paying students $13/hour to look like “volunteers” to drum up support at transit stations downtown. They have ignored the federal do-not-call list and deluged the region with dozens of robocalls. They have removed paying advertisers from the transit system and replaced them with yes banners. They have even put their yes website on the ballot!

Don’t be bought with your own money.

This is a bad deal for Langley. Please, vote NO, and encourage your friends and neighbours to do the same. You can download and print a flyer to hand out around your neighbourhood HERE.

If you haven’t received your ballot yet, please contact Elections BC HERE or call 1-800-661-8683.

Thanks for your support!